Top 5 SEO Tips Every Webmaster Should Follow

Published on February 13, 2015

Every webmaster should have a list of SEO must-dos. We have dozens of websites on the web that are created without SEO in mind and are not being optimized.

What are the top things every webmaster should care about?

Make your website crawlable. First of all, make sure all the pages you want to be crawled are not hidden from search engine bots. Also, your users should be able to find the information they’re looking for in minimum clicks, otherwise there’s a big risk of bounce rate increase. For instance, you can put your business hours on your page, or if you are a restaurant include your menu as a plain text and not PDF so this content is available both to users and search engine crawlers.

**Titles describe your pages to search engines.**Titles are very important in SEO. Consider your titles as a space where you put your keywords. Include the most important phrases in your titles, i.e. the keywords that describe your business and the ones you want the particular page to rank for. In order to do this, think of yourself as a user and try to put a list of keywords a user is going to type. Also, perform keyword research and analysis to make sure you have chosen the proper key phrases.

Description entices clicking. Description appears in search engine results snippet and is important in terms of improving click through rate (CTR). It will appear in SERP right after the title so put there the best description for the page that will entice clicking. Obviously, for the website with thousands of pages, it would be hard to have a description for each page. At least, provide the most important pages with well-written descriptions.

Great content is scannable. Do not make it short, make it easier to read. Content is the king. Great content can improve your website’s ranking, drive traffic and links to it. But what kind of content is considered a great one?

Many researches show people do not read the content in full. They would rather scan headers, bullets, and lists. So how to deliver the most important information to users? Try to include the most important information in the bullets and header.

In addition, great content is the one that includes the right keywords as they are the base of successful content. For this reason, a proper keyword analysis should be performed. Chose the phrases that are not only searchable but the phrases that are most relevant to your business. I would not recommend you choosing one word keywords if you’re new on the web as such keywords are high competitive. New websites cannot immediately rank for competitive keywords, like for instance, “leather shoes.” Chosing a long-tail keyword “leather shoes for women”, “leather shoes in London”, and similar ones would be a better choice.

Do not think about link building, but produce a content that is compelling and will drive links to your site. If you think only about links, you’d hardly think broader. So do not just focus on links and search engines. Think of users, the rest will come.

Be ready to explore on the web. There are lots of websites where webmasters bring up different topics. You can ask about your website and get feedback from people who are in the same industry. Also, read the latest SEO news, explore communities and right sources, deliver your content in the right communities on the web and just work hard. Finally, with ads and guerrilla marketing, you will get closer to your marketing goal.