SEO is a Never Ending Marathon: How to Keep Running

SEO is a Never Ending Marathon

SEO is almost 20 years old. Though there are some arguments about when the practice began to be used, many experts agree that the birth of SEO is 1995. Since 1995 its strategies, tips and tactics have been constantly changing, however the main idea is still the same – it’s about marketing. SEO is about loving your customers, producing creative ideas and delivering quality products and services.

At some stages many SEO beginners and not only beginners get frustrated: “SEO is dead,” “My website was penalized and I do not know why,” “I still cannot recover from penalty,”
“I have sent the 3rd website reconsideration request and my penalty is still not revoked,” “I do not get enough traffic,” “My SEO campaign is just a waste of time”. You can hear plenty of complaints that can make you stop for a moment and ask yourself a question: “Do I really need to waste my time?”

No, you need to SPEND your time working hard on SEO campaign to get what you want out of it! If you’re new on the web do not hesitate to start an SEO campaign, contact professional SEO company, get in touch with SEO experts. It’s what every business, large and small, needs. Internet has billions of websites the number of which is growing with each passing day. It’s obvious that it is hard to stand out of the crowd, meantime it is clear that you should say yes to SEO campaign and constantly keep doing it.

Now, if you’re already doing SEO, there are some tips that will help you become a better professional and reach higher marketing goals.

Actions vs Words. Create something, it can be a tool, an application, a unique product, whatever, just do it in a smart way. Your actions will speak about the skills you have and how good you are. Many people put super big introduction in about section of their websites and social profiles, saying who they are, what they do and how they do it. It’s OK if they can prove it. However, sometimes after a large text, you may notice that there are no particular projects mentioned. Do not make the same mistake, put the projects you have completed, the tools you have created, applications you have launched and publications you have produced. It’s very important to prove your words with actions.

Never give up, it’s all about time. Today’s SEO and social media experts, the examples of which we all try to follow, admit that they have not reached success in one month or so. Once I read in Dr. Pete’s open letter to new SEO’s about the efforts he put to reach success.

“You don’t have to be #1 or even #10,001 at something to make a living at it. Pick something, and do it until you improve. That’s the secret to everything. Last year, I finished the 100 push-up challenge (100 in a single set). You know how I did it? I did 1 set of 8, then 2 sets, up to 5, then 5 sets of 9, 10, 11… until I hit 5 sets of 40. It took me almost a year, but now I do 200/day most days. You want to become an expert link-builder? Stop watching cat videos and build some damned links.”

It’s important not to compare yourself with others and just constantly do whatever takes you closer to your goal. We all have a space to improve, some people more, others less. But it’s all about time and hard work as the above mentioned states.

Hit an extra mile. Once companies or professionals become experts in SEO industry and work on one and the same thing, no progress happens. Try to do more and better, don’t be afraid to hit an extra mile. It’s good that you have reached authority and you are always known for the services and products you provide. How about creating something new and keeping your customers engaged? You can have a blog, you can have a guest blog on your website, you can create applications and tools. There are so many things to do. In the industry of SEO, there’s always a space to grow.

SEO expert turning into an SEO expert + blogger. Actively update your website, put quality content, create attractive slides and images. To improve your visibility, comment under the top SEO blog posts and not just comment but provide a valuable information. For instance, you read a post of an SEO expert but you feel that something is missing in it, like one or two more tips can be added. So express your opinion and keep working.

Remember that SEO is not a cricket game it’s a never ending marathon.

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Proper SEO = Higher PROFIT

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and in short it is the process of getting more ‘organic‘ or ‘unpaid‘ traffic and higher rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. It considers how search engines work, what are their main criteria. So let’s discuss how it works.

Proper SEO

Say I am searching for ‘electronic cigarettes’ on the web, for example on Google. In this case ‘electronic cigarettes’ is the keyword and ‘Google’ is the search engine. When I type the keyword on Google’s search bar and hit the enter, it returns an endless list of webpages, images and videos etc corresponding to my keyword. Each of the results surely contains my keyword and I can open each one to find what I am really looking for. The chances certainly are much higher that I will choose a website on the first, second or third page than on the 10th or 200th.

Search engine optimization is managed to increase the visibility of the website in these search results and get more traffic. If you manage a proper SEO strategy, it will increase your website visibility and your website will appear on the first search engine result pages, you will get more traffic, more potential clients and more sales. This means you increase your profit.

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