Why You Need Visual Content Marketing

Visual content has never been as important as today. It has become a vital part of content marketing strategy. For many Internet users visuals determine whether web content is worth their time. I personally think this definitely makes sense.

Today’s Internet is not what it was in the beginning or even a few years ago. Web is full of information while time is never enough for it. People basically scan the information through visuals and whatever helps them scan it quickly is more than welcome.

It’s definitely a great idea to use infographics, images, videos and other visuals right on the page instead of hyperlinking them in a content.

Why exactly visual content marketing should be an integral part of content marketing strategy? See the below points:

  • Almost 50% of our brain is involved in visual processing
  • 70% of all our sensory receptors are in our eyes
  • We can get the sense of a visual scene in less than 1/10 of a second

Text-based content without visuals is not what users are looking for today even on social networks. Text-based posts on social networks get less clicks and impact than the ones that contain beautiful images, for example.

We undoubtedly process visual content faster than the text-based one, however, a simple caption is many times required to tell a visual story more effectively. Visual content should be relevant, informative and organized.

Relevant, organized and informative visual content helps web users quickly get the principal idea of it. Visual content marketing is powerful and if you do it properly, you’ll definitely notice that your content marketing campaign works better.

No matter if you’re going to create a page or website, or publish another post in your blog, scan through the content and ask yourself a question whether you were able to get the idea by scanning it visually.

Check out my other post, if you would like to learn some more tips on how to make your content scannable.

Image credit: Visual Website Optimizer

3 Content Types that People Would Love to Read



When writing content, it is critical to put reader’s interest first. Prior to covering any topic, make sure you’re aware of what users are looking for in a particular industry to provide content that makes value. You may try Google AdWords Keyword Planner or any other tool for keyword research to determine phrases that people search and get some search data about them. Meantime, remember that  great content is not about keywords, it’s about providing content that makes value and fits keywords smoothly in it.

What kind of content people do love to read?

  1. Content that helps solve a problem/find a solution.

Internet users appreciate content that helps them solve their problem, I call it a ‘how to’ content. Here’s an example: ‘How to create and verify a local business on Google?’

They’d love to know the steps on how to create an account and see the screenshots that will guide them step by step to get their task done. Helpful content is a great piece of read. Make sure your content finds the best solution to a problem for a user.

  1. Content that shares a valuable experience.

If you have an interesting story to tell, people would love to read about it. As an example, you may share with your industry how you started a small brand and reached success, what exactly helped you in doing that, how you increased sales in 30 days and more. Internet users might love it more than just reading tips about how to increase sales. Sometimes we prefer seeing how a particular thing worked out for someone, isn’t it so?

  1. Content that is informative.

Content that provides research/data or is simply informative, clear and written in smart manner will always stand out from the crowd. Example: top 10 social brands, Google algorithm change history and more. Your content should give some knowledge, something users will learn and will love to use in their experience. Recently I wrote a post about 7 simple yet critical content marketing tactics. I probably have not covered something completely new but whatever I wrote was emphasized well, which is sometimes very important and yes, my readers loved it.
Hope this will help you put your reader’s interest first. Looking forward to your feedback.