5 Tips to Follow in Your Social Media Marketing

For a brand to reach a huge chunk of potential fan base, it is very important to be very active on social media websites. However, one little mistake can hurt the brand reputation which is really very hard to restore. I want to share with you the following tips that you need to follow from the very beginning of your social media marketing campaign.

While you really need to be active on social media websites, avoid overdoing it. It is important to understand that social media marketing is about these all:

  • what you post
  • how appealing your post is
  • how well you do it
  • how many times a day you post

For each network – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus you need to have a strategy. For instance, on Twitter it is a must to use hashtags reasonably.

Do you know how many times you need to post on Twitter or any other social network?
According to Buffer, here’s a breakdown:

  • Twitter – 14 times per day, from midnight to 10 p.m. Central Time, never more than once per hour. On weekends, 7 times per day, from 3 a.m. to 9 p.m., roughly every three hours.
  • Facebook – 2 times per day, 7 days a week, at 10:08 a.m. and 3:04 p.m.
  • LinkedIn – 1 time per day, 8:14 a.m., no weekends
  • Google+ – 2 times per day, 9:03 a.m. and 7:04 p.m., no weekends

Will you be able to do it alone? Your social media campaign will require a lot of time and efforts and you may hardly be able to manage all by yourself. So how to cope with it?

The following 5 simple tips will help you manage your social media campaign reasonably.

1. Use management tools. You can use tools for content automation and scheduling on social media networks as well as content curation. Tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, SocialOomph, Sprout Social, Co-Schedule can help you in updating your social media profiles, while you are sleeping. If you do not have enough content to post on a daily basis, you can discover some with Filtr8 and more. While automating can help you in SMM, save your time and add value, you’ll still need a team of enthusiastic people that will build relationship with an audience. The tool cannot favorite, share, retweet, like, it is you and your team who will need to build a relationship.

2. The right team. Do you have an idea of what kind of a team/person you need to manage your social media? You do not need an intern managing your social media campaign, right? Find experienced social media experts who know how to manage all aspects of the work. Choose the relevant company or professionals to get the most out of your social media campaign.

3. Create original content. While you may be sharing things that everybody in your network is interested in, curating content from different sources and tools, you’ll still need to have your original content for establishing authority and creating better image. Copy/pasting the ready content is easy, but creating original content really takes time. Your content speaks a lot about you. So besides automating and curating content, create your own content.

4. Do not use every platform, determine which is for you. You do not really need to use every social media platform for your brand. It’s better to determine whether you really need it or no before you join it. Let’s say you provide SEO services, do you really need Instagram? Well, I personally never used it for business.

5. Track your social media marketing campaign. There can’t be any success without tracking your social media marketing campaign. It is a must to determine strong and weak sides of your campaign in order to know what needs to be improved and what is performing well.

I hope this article was valuable. Looking forward to your feedback.

3 Content Types that People Would Love to Read



When writing content, it is critical to put reader’s interest first. Prior to covering any topic, make sure you’re aware of what users are looking for in a particular industry to provide content that makes value. You may try Google AdWords Keyword Planner or any other tool for keyword research to determine phrases that people search and get some search data about them. Meantime, remember that  great content is not about keywords, it’s about providing content that makes value and fits keywords smoothly in it.

What kind of content people do love to read?

  1. Content that helps solve a problem/find a solution.

Internet users appreciate content that helps them solve their problem, I call it a ‘how to’ content. Here’s an example: ‘How to create and verify a local business on Google?’

They’d love to know the steps on how to create an account and see the screenshots that will guide them step by step to get their task done. Helpful content is a great piece of read. Make sure your content finds the best solution to a problem for a user.

  1. Content that shares a valuable experience.

If you have an interesting story to tell, people would love to read about it. As an example, you may share with your industry how you started a small brand and reached success, what exactly helped you in doing that, how you increased sales in 30 days and more. Internet users might love it more than just reading tips about how to increase sales. Sometimes we prefer seeing how a particular thing worked out for someone, isn’t it so?

  1. Content that is informative.

Content that provides research/data or is simply informative, clear and written in smart manner will always stand out from the crowd. Example: top 10 social brands, Google algorithm change history and more. Your content should give some knowledge, something users will learn and will love to use in their experience. Recently I wrote a post about 7 simple yet critical content marketing tactics. I probably have not covered something completely new but whatever I wrote was emphasized well, which is sometimes very important and yes, my readers loved it.
Hope this will help you put your reader’s interest first. Looking forward to your feedback.

Twitter Adds ‘Buy’ Buttons To Tweets For E-Commerce



Twitter has rolled out a ‘Buy’ button for a small number of U.S. citizens, and plans to include all U.S. users over time. Twitter’s head of commerce, Nathan Hubbard, who joined the company about a year ago and his small team worked on this product.

Here how the buy button works.

“After tapping the ‘Buy’ button, you will get additional product details and be prompted to enter your shipping and payment information. Once that’s entered and confirmed, your order information is sent to the merchant for delivery.”

Do you think this will work out on Twitter? Hubbard thinks it will.

Twitter algorithm shows users the right offers.
Twitter’s interest graph, geo data, and contextual data should help in product e-commerce.

Twitter is where influential people are concentrated. “Influencers, as they weigh in, can accelerate users down the purchase funnel,” says Hubbard.  It’s really hard to disagree with this. It’s enough for influential people to say “hi” and it turns into a trending #.

Twitter is a real-time network. If you want something on Twitter right now, you can always get.

I personally think Twitter is a successful social media channel and its taking a stab at e-commerce won’t fail. Unlike Facebook “Send a Gift” that was recently shut down, Twitter’s “Buy Now” idea seems to have a future.

Let me remind you that Twitter has recently made changes to what users see in their Twitter timelines. This may also sounds interesting to you.

Google tests drone deliveries in Project Wing trials


Google has built and tested autonomous aerial vehicles, which according to the company could be used for goods deliveries such as humanitarian aid to people in need and consumer deliveries.

The Project Wing has been running for almost two years but was a secret until now.

Google aims to help people and deliver stuff that is needed in the areas where vehicles cannot be reached. The self-flying vehicles can be used after earthquakes, floods, or extreme weather events and deliver medicines to people. The drones can transport the equipment faster than an ambulance could.

Dave Voss, incoming leader of Project Wing, said:
“When you have a tool like this you can really allow the operators of those emergency services to add an entirely new dimension to the set of tools and solutions that they can think of.”

Also, Astro Teller, Captain of Moonshots – Google X’s name for big-thinking projects explained: “Even just a few of these, being able to shuttle nearly continuously could service a very large number of people in an emergency situation.”

The Project Wing trials have been held in Australia’s north-eastern state Queensland. Watch the video.

In addition to the above, Google said it could use self-flying drones for delivering shopping items to consumers at home, just like at Amazon and Domino’s Pizza do.

SEO is a Never Ending Marathon: How to Keep Running


SEO is a Never Ending Marathon

SEO is almost 20 years old. Though there are some arguments about when the practice began to be used, many experts agree that the birth of SEO is 1995. Since 1995 its strategies, tips and tactics have been constantly changing, however the main idea is still the same – it’s about marketing. SEO is about loving your customers, producing creative ideas and delivering quality products and services.

At some stages many SEO beginners and not only beginners get frustrated: “SEO is dead,” “My website was penalized and I do not know why,” “I still cannot recover from penalty,”
“I have sent the 3rd website reconsideration request and my penalty is still not revoked,” “I do not get enough traffic,” “My SEO campaign is just a waste of time”. You can hear plenty of complaints that can make you stop for a moment and ask yourself a question: “Do I really need to waste my time?”

No, you need to SPEND your time working hard on SEO campaign to get what you want out of it! If you’re new on the web do not hesitate to start an SEO campaign, contact professional SEO company, get in touch with SEO experts. It’s what every business, large and small, needs. Internet has billions of websites the number of which is growing with each passing day. It’s obvious that it is hard to stand out of the crowd, meantime it is clear that you should say yes to SEO campaign and constantly keep doing it.

Now, if you’re already doing SEO, there are some tips that will help you become a better professional and reach higher marketing goals.

Actions vs Words. Create something, it can be a tool, an application, a unique product, whatever, just do it in a smart way. Your actions will speak about the skills you have and how good you are. Many people put super big introduction in about section of their websites and social profiles, saying who they are, what they do and how they do it. It’s OK if they can prove it. However, sometimes after a large text, you may notice that there are no particular projects mentioned. Do not make the same mistake, put the projects you have completed, the tools you have created, applications you have launched and publications you have produced. It’s very important to prove your words with actions.

Never give up, it’s all about time. Today’s SEO and social media experts, the examples of which we all try to follow, admit that they have not reached success in one month or so. Once I read in Dr. Pete’s open letter to new SEO’s about the efforts he put to reach success.

“You don’t have to be #1 or even #10,001 at something to make a living at it. Pick something, and do it until you improve. That’s the secret to everything. Last year, I finished the 100 push-up challenge (100 in a single set). You know how I did it? I did 1 set of 8, then 2 sets, up to 5, then 5 sets of 9, 10, 11… until I hit 5 sets of 40. It took me almost a year, but now I do 200/day most days. You want to become an expert link-builder? Stop watching cat videos and build some damned links.”

It’s important not to compare yourself with others and just constantly do whatever takes you closer to your goal. We all have a space to improve, some people more, others less. But it’s all about time and hard work as the above mentioned states.

Hit an extra mile. Once companies or professionals become experts in SEO industry and work on one and the same thing, no progress happens. Try to do more and better, don’t be afraid to hit an extra mile. It’s good that you have reached authority and you are always known for the services and products you provide. How about creating something new and keeping your customers engaged? You can have a blog, you can have a guest blog on your website, you can create applications and tools. There are so many things to do. In the industry of SEO, there’s always a space to grow.

SEO expert turning into an SEO expert + blogger. Actively update your website, put quality content, create attractive slides and images. To improve your visibility, comment under the top SEO blog posts and not just comment but provide a valuable information. For instance, you read a post of an SEO expert but you feel that something is missing in it, like one or two more tips can be added. So express your opinion and keep working.

Remember that SEO is not a cricket game it’s a never ending marathon.

I have also published this article on LinkedIn.

Changes to What Users See in Their Twitter Timelines



Twitter has updated the definition of “What’s a Twitter timeline?” in its Help Center, specifically adding this point:

Additionally, when we identify a Tweet, an account to follow, or other content that’s popular or relevant, we may add it to your timeline. This means you will sometimes see Tweets from accounts you don’t follow. We select each Tweet using a variety of signals, including how popular it is and how people in your network are interacting with it. Our goal is to make your home timeline even more relevant and interesting.

These changes are not implemented yet, and we have no information how and when they are going to happen. However, it seems like Twitter is becoming more like Facebook.

One thing I can say for sure: Twitter has been the place where I used to see what I wanted to see.

So, hopefully a Tweet, an account to follow, or other content that’s popular or relevant will be really what I want to see.

Happy tweeting!

Share Link Generator


How many times have you thought about the tool that would generate custom share links for any page, or file you want?

Let’s imagine you’re creating a pdf file and there is no possibility of putting a social button.  Or you are sending out emails to let people know  about your new article. Would you like to have the chance of placing a link to enable them share your article or ebook right from inside the email or the PDF file? How?!


Here’s the solution – custom share link generator. With this tool, you’ll be able to generate the share links for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest. For instance, copy the URL of your ebook or presentation and paste it in the tool and you’ll be able to generate the share links for the each of the above mentioned networks.

Then you can go back to your email, and write for example, Share this on Facebook and hyperlink these words with the link you have generated.

Here’s a custom generated link that will share this page on Facebook – click here to see.

Another example, the link will tweet the below sentence, add the URL of this post and hashtag #awesomeclick to try.

Create Custom Share Links and Use Them Almost Everywhere on The Web.

You can use these generated links in emails, signatures, any file and any web page. Here’s how it can be used in emails:


Another example of using the share links in PDF files:



Hope you like our tool. We will be happy to hear any feedback or suggestion from you.

HTTPS as a ranking signal: Google to Prioritize Secure Sites


google-to-prioritize-sites-with-httpsGoogle has proved that security is a top priority for the company; Search, Gmail and Google Drive have a secure connection to Google.

It was not surprising for me to learn that Google will give preference to more secure websites (https) in its organic search rankings.

Over the past few months the company has been running tests taking into account whether sites use secure, encrypted connections as a signal in their search ranking algorithms.

“We’ve seen positive results, so we’re starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal,” Google said.

This may encourage many webmasters to turn on encryption. However, this will take time and also cost some money.

With https the website is less vulnerable to hacking, and with Google new policy has more chances for ranking high.

Previously many companies had concerns about budget or fears of slowing website response times.

Now there are high-speed encryption technologies and https has no longer time issue.

Right now Https is not as strong signal for ranking, like for instance content. Google wants to give time to webmasters to upgrade their sites. Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji and Gary Illyes said in the blog post.

“For now it’s only a very lightweight signal – affecting fewer than 1% of global queries, and carrying less weight than other signals such as high-quality content – while we give webmasters time to switch to HTTPS. But over time, we may decide to strengthen it, because we’d like to encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web.”

If you have a website with critical data or if you simply want to stay on the safe side, my honest recommendation would be to turn https.

Google introduced HTTPS in 2011.

New Translation Feature in Google Search Results


Google adds a new translation feature to its search results making it very easy to translate texts, edit them, change the languages and even hear the translated texts directly from the search results page.

New Google Translation Tools

Just start typing “translate” on Google search box and it will let you quickly enter the text you need to translate and the box below.

I think this is an awesome addition and can help save time a lot. Here’s an example:

Google Translate in Search Results

You can translate the terms you need just typing it in the search box: for example: “translate hello friend to spanish

Google Translate from Search Box



Google’s Panda 4.0 Forces PR Newswire to Take Action Against Spammers


Google Panda 4.0 had pretty negative effects on press release sites, including the large press release distribution company – PR Newswire. Panda aims to take down on low quality content and prevent low quality websites from ranking high in the search engine results pages (SERP).pr-newswire

The PR Newswire aims to recover from algorithmic penalty by taking action on spammers with the following new press release guidelines:

  • Inclusion of insightful analysis and original content (e.g. research, reporting or other interesting and useful information);
  • Use of varied release formats, guarding against repeated use of templated copy (except boilerplate);
  • Assessing release length, guarding against issue of very short, unsubstantial messages that are mere vehicles for links;
  • Overuse of keywords and/or links within the message.

The company has announced that new content will be evaluated under new guidelines and this will help reduce distribution of low quality content over PR Newswire network. PR newswire also took action on identifying and removing the low quality content.

The PR Newswire CEO – Ninan Chacko – said: “PR Newswire is committed to continuously improving the quality of the content distributed via our network, website, and other digital channels in order to better serve the millions of journalists, bloggers and members of the public who read press releases each month. By reviewing each piece of content to ensure message quality, and deleting releases we find to be of low quality, we will increase the value of our content and website for our audiences, and limit the exploitation of content distribution for questionable SEO tactics.”

This sounds good and I wish PR Newswire best of luck. .

Stay tuned!

Shared via: 360opps

YouTube Mix for Artists/Bands on the Sidebar. Is it new?


Have you noticed this before on YouTube?

When you search for an artist/group/band along with usual results, on the right sidebar YouTube returns ‘YouTube Mix‘ for the artist with a larger cover photos. Below the ‘YouTube Mix’ there are  ‘Top songs‘ and ‘Albums‘ tabs displaying their songs and albums.

Below there’s also ‘Related artists‘ box showing 3 artists with album covers.YouTube Mix on Sidebar

Click to see the larger photo or follow the link to see it yourself.

Maybe it is new to me only, maybe there are other changes as well. Let me know, if you know one.

Likely There Will Be No Toolbar PageRank Update This Year


The last Google Toolbar PageRank Update was in February 2013 and it seems there will be no update this year.

Since then there has been no comment about it from Google, only yesterday Matt Cutts, Google webspam head, answered to a tweet by Niels Bosch:

Also there’s a video on the same topic, watch it on YouTube.

Those who are still waiting for the PageRank update, should probably forget about it, at least until 2014.

Video on Instagram

Video on Instagram

Video on Instagram to bring you another way to share your stories. When you go to take a photo on Instagram, you’ll now see a movie camera icon. Tap it to enter video mode, where you can take up to fifteen seconds of video through the Instagram camera.

Google Penguin 2.0

Google Penguin 2.0

There has been much talk lately about some kind of major Google update – Google Penguin 2.0 and Matt Cutts has confirmed in his latest video that we can expect the next Penguin update in the next few weeks.

Google’s Penguin update launched in April 2012, and there were 2 refreshes last year – in May and October. It was released to better catch sites spamming search results, in particular those doing so by buying links or obtaining them through link networks designed primarily to boost Google rankings.

Watch the video here: What should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google



Since 2009 Google has published a number of videos helping website owners understand their site in search. And in most of the videos the questions are answered by Matt Cutts. All the videos are great and cover really useful subjects. But sometimes when you want a quick answer, going through hundreds of videos and watching them would take a while. That’s why they created The Short Cutts.