Presenting your business, your products and services, is one of the most difficult tasks in marketing. It’s challenging to make a presentation in front of many people, most of which you see for the first time, on the other hand it may be quite easy if you establish an emotional connection with your audience.

Here are some tips that will help you make your presentation great.

Rule #1 Break the Ice

Be energetic, try to establish a connection with people by making an emotional impact. Start with an awesome and funny introduction about yourself and use the power of eye contact for an effective communication.

Rule #2 Provide Valuable Information

Make your audience focus on the most important part of the presentation. People cannot digest too much information in a short time. They won’t be able to remember every word you said, however, they will definitely remember some of the very unique slides you made. Present appealing graphics, images, and slides, that provide the most important information, emphasize the most significant parts, on which you want people to concentrate. Make people get a clear idea why your product is worth exploring.

The below is an example of the image that provides the key information.

Rule #3 Know Your Product, Motivate People

The best presentation is not the one that is selling a product, but the one that motivates people to decide that they want to buy it or at least to talk about it with the upper management.

I know it’s challenging, but if you know your product well, if you clearly know what makes it great and unique, if you feel excited about presenting your product, you’ll definitely drive people’s attention to it.

Rule #4 Include a story

People usually concentrate on the unique stories rather than on all the product details.

The story of your emotional journey, where and how you began and where you are now is interesting enough. Tell about your vision, your goals and how you made it all into reality. Is not it honest, inspiring and impressive? If you speak to the heart, you’ll get devoted listeners on board.

Remember that the master presenter – Steve Jobs – drew the attention of the audience to him, to his knowledge of the product so everybody left the venue with a full understanding of what was presented. The idea was to sell the product but it has never been just that… There was emotional impact, product knowledge, storytelling, acknowledging people’s attention and establishing a strong connection with them.

Rule #5 – Love What You Do

The last thing…Do it with Passion and Love! It’s all about love!