Facebook Fake Accounts: 83 million

Published on August 3, 2012

According to Facebook Q2 2012 Earnings Report, the social media giant updated some figures. Well, you won’t see any $ or financial data, we’ll take a look at Facebook users and accounts:

Impressive chart…

In 2 years (Q2 2010 – Q2 2012) Facebook Users reach 955 million from 482 million. The growth is 473 million in 2 years. Let’s see how many users in average have been registered on Facebook:

However, let’s have a look at this quarter’s performance:

Facebook User Statistics 2012

Pretty nice figures… 11.3% change in Mobile MUAs, it seems like ‘Facebook is going to become a mobile company‘ however, analysts say ‘Facebook will disappear by 2020.‘ Well, time will show..

Now, out of that 955 million user accounts a total of 8.7% or 83 million accounts on the network are ‘fake’. And, of that 8.7% there are duplicate accounts (4.8% – 46 million), user-misclassified accounts (2.4% – 23 million) and undesirable (spam) accounts (1.5% -14 million).

Facebook Fake Accounts

83 million fake accounts, by the way, Germany’s population is almost the same…

In March 2012, Facebook claimed about 5% to 6% of its accounts (or 40.3 million to 50.7 million) were fake. So, more than 30 million ‘new fake’ accounts are out there. However, the company also says it bans at least 20,000 accounts daily and estimates about 600,000 accounts per day are compromised. So, according to the latest figures, Facebook’s 955 million active users would reach 872 million.

Yes, time will show…