Google Webmaster Tools ‘Links To Your Site’ Number Reduces? You’re not alone!

Really, you are not alone and you do not need to take any actions.

Some Webmaster Tools users have reported missing data in the “Links to your site” section. We are aware of this issue and are looking into it; you do not need to take any action. We hope to have the normal data shown again in the near future. The data shown there is informational and does not affect your site’s crawling, indexing or ranking.

source Google Webmaster Help Forum Announcements

Alicia Keys: BlackBerry’s Global Creative Director

Alicia Keys: BlackBerry's Global Creative Director

BlackBerry certainly surprised us today at its BlackBerry 10 launch event.

Not only did it announce its plans to drop RIM (Research in Motion) from its name – it’s now just BlackBerry – but towards the end of the presentation CEO Thorsten Heins brought Alicia Keys on stage. And not just as a performer or to endorse the new products. He announced the singer and songwriter as the new BlackBerry global creative director.

Keys said she will be involved in a range of activities and described the role as being “hands on.”

source: abcNEWS

Pinterest: Testing A New Look

Pinterest we’ll be testing an update with a small group of people soon.

They’re going to make the navigation more intuitive, so it’s faster to get to where you want to go.

Pins are going to be bigger and they’ve added more information related to pins, so it’s easier to find things you’re interested in.

In addition to the visible changes, they also made some improvements ‘behind the scenes’ that hopefully will make things faster.

Pinterest will preview the update with a small group of people over the coming weeks. If you’re interested in being one of the first to see the new look, Send them a notification.

read more @ Official Pinterest Blog

A Faster Image Search To Provide A Better Experience

A Faster Image Search To Provide A Better Experience

A Faster Image Search To Provide A Better Experience

People looking for images on Google often want to browse through many images, looking both at the images and their metadata (detailed information about the images). Based on feedback from both users and webmasters, Google redesigned the Image Search to provide a better search experience.

As they said, in the next few days, we’ll see image results displayed in an inline panel so it’s faster, more beautiful, and more reliable. You will be able to quickly flip through a set of images by using the keyboard. If you want to go back to browsing other search results, just scroll down and pick up right where you left off.

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Google Analytics design and structural changes

Google Analytics design and structural changes

Google Analytics design and structural changes

There were some interesting changes and now your analysis software is easier to navigate and to find some ‘hidden’ features you might have missed before.

Here are some of the changes I would like to mention:

  • Top Navigation Bar
  • Sidebar
  • Dashboard Customizations
  • 2 New Widget Options: GEOMAP and BAR

Hope this changes will help getting more data and more visualizations.

Happy analyzing!!

SEMrush Open Beta Testing for Position Tracking Tool

Last Week SEMrush announced open beta testing for their new Position Tracking Tool! In order to try it out, you don’t need to do anything special.  If you already have an active account, simply log in!  If you don’t have an account, all you need to do is register.

I have already tried the tool. This is really great. Recently a number of leading SEO and web analytics tool providers have eliminated their SERP tracking tools, and at the same time SEMrush is starting their BETA version which is quite great!

I have created 2 campaigns (out of 5) and enjoy SERP results updated daily.

You can also add your competitors, see their results and compare the positions, You can choose the search engines, location, visualize the rankings history and a lot more.

If you are interested in this new feature integrated in SEMrush, follow the link to register an account and enjoy: SEMrush

Internet Advertising Revenue Report – Historic High in Q3 2012 – $9.3 Billion

Internet Advertising Revenues Hit Historic High in Q3 2012 at Nearly $9.3 Billion, Rising 18% Over Same Period Last Year and 6% Over Q2 2012, According to IAB

Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) sponsors the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, which is conducted independently by the New Media Group of PwC. The results are considered the most accurate measurement of interactive advertising revenues because the data is compiled directly from information supplied by companies selling advertisements on the internet.

Google Updates SafeSearch Filter In Image Search

Google Updates SafeSearch Filter In Image Search

Google Updates SafeSearch Filter In Image Search

Google has changed the default behavior of their image search to work similarly to how web search works. Now when you search for less explicit search terms while in image search, Google is more likely to filter out explicit images and set your default SafeSearch filter to the on position.

Best Places To Work – Top 50 Companies 2013

Employees’ Choice Awards

The Glassdoor Best Places to Work list is an honor given to 50 companies each year and is based entirely on employee feedback – we call it our Employees’ Choice Awards. The ranking is determined using feedback employees have shared on Glassdoor throughout the past year. Employees complete an anonymous company review survey that captures their sentiment toward: career opportunities, compensation & benefits, work/life balance, senior leadership and more…

Glassdoor announced a list of the 50 Best Places to Work for 2013

The best company to work is Facebook where the employees are ‘very satisfied’ and 94% of employees recommend this company to a friend.

See the full list here: Best Places to Work 2012 | Glassdoor

Is Google god or evil.. Bing is not Google..

I have typed ‘Google is ’ and ‘Bing is ’ both on Google and Bing search bar and here’s what the autocomplete suggestions are:



Pretty interesting suggestions though.

‘Google is evil’ ‘Google is god’ ‘Google is your friend’
‘Bing is not Google’ ‘Bing is stupid’ ‘Bing is gay’

Tests on Single Column Facebook Timelines

Facebook is testing a new format for user Timelines, which puts all posts in a single column on the left and any activity modules in a narrower column on the right.

This layout addresses one of the common complaints about the new profile: users previously had to look back and forth on the page as they scrolled through to read their stream. Some users found the two-column layout frustrating. With this design, the line down the center has been removed, making the profile look less like a timeline. However, the timeline of dates still exists in the top right of the page to jump to a particular month or year.

Facebook confirmed that it is testing this design with a small percentage of users but did not offer any additional information.

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Bing on Windows 8: Search Reimagined

Bing on Windows 8: Search Reimagined

Search has been reimagined with Bing on Windows 8.
In addition to the search you know at, Windows 8 also features the touch-optimized Bing search app as well as other Bing-powered apps like Maps and Travel to help you get the info you need.

Best Global Brands 2012 by Interbrand

Best Global Brands 2012 by Interbrand

Best Global Brands 2012 by Interbrand

Interbrand uses three key aspects that contribute to the assessment:

  • The financial performance of the branded products or services.
  • The role of brand in the purchase decision process.
  • The strength of the brand

I decided to break down the list of the TOP 100 BRANDS 2012 by the countries.
As we can see, the Best Global Brands are from 14 countries:

USA /53/ Germany /9/ France /7/ Japan /7/ United Kingdom /4/ Italy /3/ Netherlands /3/ South Korea /3/ Switzerland /3/ Canada /2/ Spain /2/ Sweden /2/ Finland /1/ Mexico /1/

404 Error pages to include ‘Missing Children Messages’

404 pages are ones that are displayed when people reach for webpages that do not exist any more.  And now missing children are to be sought via those 404 error pages.

A European initiative is putting pictures and biographical details of missing children on the well-known 404 Not Found pages.

The NotFound project has been created by Missing Children Europe, Child Focus, the European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children and several other European organizations.

404 pages are easy to customize for each website and NotFound wants sites to add a snippet of code to those customized pages so they display data about missing children.

As reported at BBC, about 480 sites have signed up to the NotFound initiative and reconfigured their 404 page to help so far. And anyone running a website is being encouraged to join the project to raise the profile of missing children.

Make better use of your 404-page


Today is the 30th anniversary of the emoticons 🙂

In September 19, 1982 Carnegie Melon University computer science professor Scott Fahlman was the first to suggest using these three symbols: 🙂 in computer texts in order to show a ‘smiley face’..

So if you’re happy with using the emoticons, you should can this man 🙂 or not 🙁

Fahlman ‘invented’ the first smiley emoticon  thinking it would help people on a message board at Carnegie Mellon to distinguish serious posts from jokes. So, he proposed the use of 🙂 and 🙁 for this purpose, and the symbols caught on.

The original message from which these symbols originated was posted on September 19, 1982. The message was recovered on September 10, 2002and here it is quoted:

19-Sep-82 11:44    Scott E  Fahlman             :-)
From: Scott E Fahlman <Fahlman at Cmu-20c>
I propose that the following character sequence for joke markers:
Read it sideways.  Actually, it is probably more economical to mark
things that are NOT jokes, given current trends.  For this, use