Yandex Maps to be integrated into Apple software in Russia

According to Bloomberg, Yandex – Russia’s largest search engine – will have its location-search service integrated in the latest version of Apple‘s software used in the iPhone and iPad sold in Russia.

Apple has developed its own maps tools for users of the new iOS 6 replacing the Google maps service. 

Alexander Patsay, director of program management at Moscow-based software maker Parallels Holding Ltd., said he has tested the developer version of iOS 6 and noticed that its Maps application is integrated with Yandex’s geographical search.

“When you search for Vladimir Lenin’s Mausoleum, it offers you to get more details on Yandex.Maps application or offers to download the app from App Store if the user doesn’t have it installed.” 

The iOS 6 system will be available for download on September 19. Cupertino, California-based Apple said today orders for the iPhone 5 topped two million units in the first 24 hours.

Apple dropped using Google’s applications including Google Maps and YouTube because Google’s Android software helps other smartphone producers to compete with Apple…

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