404 Error pages to include ‘Missing Children Messages’

404 pages are ones that are displayed when people reach for webpages that do not exist any more.  And now missing children are to be sought via those 404 error pages.

A European initiative is putting pictures and biographical details of missing children on the well-known 404 Not Found pages.

The NotFound project has been created by Missing Children Europe, Child Focus, the European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children and several other European organizations.

404 pages are easy to customize for each website and NotFound wants sites to add a snippet of code to those customized pages so they display data about missing children.

As reported at BBC, about 480 sites have signed up to the NotFound initiative and reconfigured their 404 page to help so far. And anyone running a website is being encouraged to join the project to raise the profile of missing children.

Make better use of your 404-page

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